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Oboro / 27

Thank you for having interested in my profile among many girls.
My name is Oboro.

I am not very good at English. I would like to speak it. I am very happy if you teach me.(*^_^*)
I like watching “anime” cartoons and movies, reading “manga” magazines, cooking and eating good food.

I am interested in all kinds of “good feeling”.
I mean what I can do to spend with you like BF & GF and make you happy.
I like people smiling and laughing above all.
I want to smile and laugh a lot, and I hope people around me are healed from the bottom of their hearts and become happier than before we meet. I value on every meeting.

And I am curious about sexual things.
I like physical contact with a man. And I am turned on and excited when I see that a man reacts in sexual-feelings or can’t stop a small gasp. lol
I am pleased at the thought “He feels good.” It makes me happy.
I’ll do my best in our limited time. I hope you want to see me again.
I am a little nervous because I will see many new experiences, but I want to improve myself learning from you.

I am yet an inexperienced new escort girl, but I am looking forward to meet many guests.☆
Thank you for sharing your precious time to read this.♪


Japanese Escort Girls Club